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Japan Gets Another Commute-A-Walk®

On March 10th 2018, East Island Aviation installed its 20th Commute-A-Walk® mobile covered passenger walkway in Kita-Kyushu, Japan.

Our patented Commute-A-Walk® is referred to in Japan as the “Apron Roof®.

The walkway is the first phase of ground boarding coverage on a Hard Stand position at the Kita-Kyushu airport not being serviced by a boarding bridge.

Later this year we will be installing the fixed “FX” modular connector that will join the retractable walkway to the terminal access doorway. Please see the drawing exhibit in the article.

All of our walkways are installed and maintained by our exclusive Japanese agent, Aviation Research Institute, “ARI”.  ARI has been representing Commute-A-Walk® for over 18 years.

For more information about our exclusive Commute-A-Walk® or other ground boarding products, please contact us.


The Marriott Gaylord National Hotel Installs Commute-A-Walk®

The Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center has recently installed an East Island Aviation Commute-A-Walk® as a retractable pedestrian walkway.

In 2017 Ryman Properties, the operator of the Marriott Gaylord National hotel constructed a beautiful Riverfront Ballroom on the Potomac River.

However, due to fire lane restrictions they were unable to connect the hotel with the ballroom with a fixed structure. As a result the guests going to and from the ballroom were exposed to inclement weather conditions. In addition, the back of house staff had to deal with the same conditions for catering.

Ryman needed a solution that would protect its staff and guests yet still comply with local fire codes. They needed a portable and retractable pedestrian walkway that could be easily deployed & stowed on demand.

The solution was our Commute-A-Walk® portable walkway.

Working with their architects, we developed a five section walkway system that inter-connects the hotel and the kitchen to the ballroom with a section to accommodate ADA and physically impaired guests. When the walkway is not needed it is transported to a storage area via custom trailers provided by East Island Aviation.

Phase II is scheduled to be complete mid-February.  Look for more pictures soon.

For more information on East Island Aviation’s portable and retractable pedestrian walkway system, feel free to contact us.

Made in America! Two Commute-A-Walk passenger walkways in Japan

On July 4th East Island Aviation took the wraps of another two Commute-A-Walk® retractable passenger walkways in Japan.

The two new walkways installed at Ibaragi Airport north of Tokyo are the first in 2017 with two more scheduled for Narita later in the year.

“It’s been a long , and sometimes challenging road over the last 15 years promoting the patented ground boarding walkway but it is finally paying off”, says Jim Larson founding partner and inventor of Commute-A-Walk®.

And without the dedication of East Island Aviation’s exclusive Japanese teaming partner, Aviation Research Institute, none of these installations would have ever taken place.

Aviation Research Institute’s founder and managing director, Kenichi Oyama struggled early on with getting the aviation culture to accept the name “Commute-A-Walk®”, so he came up with the trademarked name “ Apron Roof®” which is now widely accepted as the standard for ground boarding walkways. With multiple installations throughout Japan, the U.S. made product is gaining momentum quickly. A recent Japanese aviation industry press release about a new LCC terminal being constructed at Cyubu’s Centrair Airport confirmed the terminal operator’s commitment to  install Commute-A-Walk® retractable passenger walkways.  The cost to operate and maintain these retractable walkways is a fraction of the cost of a passenger boarding bridge.

For more information on Commute-A-Walk® and other ground boarding equipment and solutions, feel free to contact us.

Regional Boarding Ramps Coming To Phoenix Sky Harbor

Contract Award: On June 1st, American Airlines awarded East Island Aviation a contract to manufacture and install two fully enclosed passenger walkways and four Regional Boarding Ramps ® for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The equipment will service two aircraft each from the lower level boarding gates located at B1 and B15. Passengers will no longer have to traverse the tarmac unprotected and will now enjoy fully enclosed ramp-boarding to all positions.

The Phoenix installation will be the first domestic site to receive the “super-wide” walkway which is already in use in several global locations. The passenger walkways are scheduled to go into service early fall 2017. The contract value is in excess of one million dollars.

East Island Aviation designs and manufactures custom passenger and pedestrian enclosures for portable or permanent applications. For more information abour our regional boarding ramps, passenger walkway systems, or other ground boarding equipment, Contact Us or call (631) 385-1239.

ATTENTION: New Corporate Offices

East Island Aviation is excited to announce that we have relocated our corporate offices in New York from Melville to Huntington.

Please make note of our new address and update your files as needed.

East Island Aviation Services, Inc.
18 West Carver St.
Suite # 1
Huntington, New York 11743

M-F, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Main Corporate Line: (631) 385-1239
Fax: (631) 385-0888

New Passenger Walkway for Spirit Airlines in Chicago

Spirit Airlines passengers flying out of Gate L-11 in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport won’t have to be subject to the harsh winter weather anymore.

In a cooperative effort with the Chicago Depart of Aviation, Spirit purchased and contacted East Island Aviation to install a custom enclosed passenger walkway for their ground boarding operations. Similar to Denver’s ground boarding operation, ORD’s layout utilizes both “fixed mobile modules” with floors and expandable Commute-A-Walk® sections that mate up with a KCI Ramp.  In addition to Spirit, a local regional carrier flying turbo-props, Chicago Air Express is allowed to use the walkway for their passengers too!

Unlike the AVI Ramp, the Commute-A-Walk® line  and the KCI Ramp are both “Made in America”.

For more information on East Island Aviation’s Ground Boarding Equipment, please contact us.

Thousand-Foot Modular Walkway For Perth Airport Authority

modular walkway, east island aviation, perth airport authorityEast Island Aviation Services just completed the installation of a common use, modular walkway for passengers at Terminal 2 for the Perth Airport Authority, PAPL. The contract, valued at over $1,000,000, was to design, fabricate and install a passenger walkway for multi-use gates at the domestic operation.

This custom modular walkway is the first to ever be constructed at 8’ wide. The extra width allows passengers to move freely to and from all 7 gates while being protected from the extreme heat and sun. Perforated Lexan and aluminum panels allow air to enter the walkway thereby lowering the ambient temperature for passengers.

The East Island Aviation modular walkway was chosen over a conventional buildout primarily for its reduced cost and short lead time from order to completion. Constructing a brick & mortar concourse was estimated at nearly 10 times the cost and would have taken over a year to complete. The East Island Aviation Services modular walkway was fabricated in less than 3 months and assembled & installed in 6 weeks!

East Island’s exclusive AU sales & service agent, Wattle Facilities Group was instrumental in meeting the schedule goal for the project. For more information on modular walkways or other ground boarding equipment,  within Australasia contact Wattle Facilities Group or [email protected] for U.S. and worldwide sales.

United DASH-8 Passengers Are Dry & Safe At EWR!

commute-a-walk, ground boarding equipment, east island aviation, ewr, newark airport, united airlinesUnited Airlines awarded a contract to East Island Aviation to design and install five Commute-A-Walk ® passenger walkways at the remote Hard Stand Regional Operation in Newark Liberty International Airport.

As a result of United’s recent growth in regional service out of EWR and with gate space at a premium, they were forced to quickly develop a DASH-8 Hard Stand Operation to accommodate the new flights.

Passengers are quickly bused from Gate #130 to each individual aircraft stand. Prior to the walkways, the only protection from the bus to the aircraft were a few Jersey barriers and construction cones.

East Island Aviation Services provided five walkways utilizing both mobile “FX” fixed modules and its patented flexible Commute-A-Walk ® sections. Buses pull right up to the back of the fixed sections at one end and Ramp Agents easily deploy the flexible sections to the KCI Ramp or directly to the aircraft stairs.

Passengers are protected from blowing wind, noise, and rain. Passengers have been quoted saying that they “really appreciate the little tunnels and Slinkys, especially when passengers are queued up on the stairs”.

Commute-A-Walk ® is an exclusive patented passenger walkway system and is offered in multiple configurations for ground level boarding operations. For more information about East Island Aviation’s Commute-A-Walk ® passenger walkway system, please Contact Us.

United Airlines Launches EWR Inter-Terminal Airside Bus Operations!

United Airlines JFK Airside Bus OperationsUnited Airlines will start airside bussing between operations at Terminals B & C at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

United contracted with East Island Aviation Services to design, fabricate and install a fully enclosed passenger boarding ramp at Terminal B. The ramp protects passengers from inclement weather and is gently sloped thereby allowing passengers easy access to the second level boarding area at Terminal B.

The passenger boarding ramp is the main component of a $1.5 million facility improvement project.

To learn more about our full line of custom designed and built airside walkways and passenger boarding ramps contact East Island Aviation directly at (631) 465-2010 or visit our Contact Us page.

Patent Award: East Island Aviation Passenger Gantry for connecting DASH-8 and similar aircraft to a passenger boarding bridge

East Island Aviation Passenger Gantry Patent Award - passenger boarding bridgeEast Island Aviation awarded patent for its DASH-8 passenger boarding bridge gantry.

The East Island Aviation gantry was designed to safely connect any DASH-8 turbo-prop series aircraft to any passenger boarding bridge. It can also be used with many other turbo-prop and regional jets. Unlike other products, the gantry sits firmly on the tarmac and eliminates virtually any chance of a passenger falling to the ground while traversing to or from the aircraft. It also keeps the loading bridge from contacting the aircraft thereby eliminating any chance of aircraft damage.

East Island Aviation gantries are currently being used by several international carriers, such as Qantas, where safety is viewed as a top priority in their mission statement.

Since the first gantry operation back in 2012, there have been over 2,000 boarding cycles without incident. For more information on our DASH-8 passenger boarding gantry and other ground boarding products, feel free to Contact Us.