Commute-A-Walk® to the rescue in Yokohama for the Diamond Princess

Last week, when the Diamond Princess pulled into Yokohama Seaport with passengers suspected of possible Coronavirus Commute-A-Walk was deployed into action.

The seaport facility staff utilized our portable retractable walkway system to contain and isolate passengers being removed from the ship and transported to the hospital.

Medical & Japanese Military personnel and seaport staff continue to use our portable passenger walkway on a regular basis to reduce the chance of spreading the Coronavirus to others working at the Yokohama seaport.

The Diamond Princess pulled into the Daikoku Pier in Yokohama on February 3rd 2020 after a man disembarked in Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus.

Commute-A-Walk® (or “Apron Roof” as it is known by in Japan) continues to be used as a controlled and isolation corridor for Americans that are finally being released onto busses that are taking them to the airport for transport back to the U.S.

Last year the Yokohama seaport purchased two portable walkway systems for controlling inbound passengers leaving cruise ships while they would wait to clear Japanese Customs prior to entering the country. In addition to crowd control, the walkway would offer passengers protection from inclement weather such as rain and wind while waiting. Back then, nobody could have imagined how the walkway would have played such a vital roll in assisting in containment of the virus while handing passengers contaminated with this new virus.

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Commute-A-Walk® to the Rescue in Yokohama Gallery – Feb. 6, 2020


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