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Welcome to our facility.

Pre-assembly area. Cutting machining, etc……

Assembly area # 1

Raw material pre-fabrication area

Laser Machines

Fabrication of Walkway structures

Powder Coating Building

Parts entering Powder Coating Oven

Parts waiting for Powder Coating

Walkway side panels waiting to be painted

Special Coating application

Assembly Jig

Passenger Gantry fit-checked to a mock-up DASH-8 aircraft silhouette

Build area # 1. Assembly jig and mock-up Boarding Ramp in the background

Canopy Hood in jig for final assembly

Q-Ramp in initial design stage

Q-Ramp being fitted with height adjustment device

Final mock-up of Q-Ramp

Assembly area # 2 …..Six Regional Boarding Ramps waiting for fitment of electronics & hydraulics

RBR’s being fitted with electronic control circuitry

RBR’s being fitted with Hydraulic Drive Systems

Final Assembly of Regional Boarding Ramps (RBR’s)

Six RBR’s ready to ship to Miami Int’l Airport

Assembly area # 3 – Mobile Boarding Ramp in development for ANA in Japan

Assembly area # 3 – Two Passenger Gantries in final inspection for Qantas Airlines

Passenger Walkway Transition Decks waiting to ship to Los Angeles Int’l Airport

Custom Stainless Steel Commute-A-Walk passenger walkway for Nagasaki seaport in Japan.

Walkway sections waiting for “Q C” inspection before shipping

Custom Walkway for Delta Airlines “fully assembled” for inspection

Shipping wing of the factory

Toronto Passenger Walkway & 3 RBR’s “fully assembled” for inspection . Client: American Airlines

Custom Switch-back Gantry for American Airlines. Gantry will interface the new EMB-175 aircraft to Regional Boarding Ramps

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Airport 3rd level Bus Ramp “fully assembled” outside the factory for inspection by the client