Air Terminal Audio/Visual Systems

Design, Planning, Installation and Service From East Island Aviation

One of the biggest concerns when working with audio visual system integration is the number of different vendors that can become involved. East Island Aviation Services has found a solution to that frustrating problem: We do it all! And we do it with complete neutrality: never favoring one vendor over another. You get the best solution for your organization that works seamlessly with what is already in place.

Testing Every system is tested and evaluated before we ever offer it to you.

Design Highly qualified, certified engineers and skilled craftsmen design every aspect of your video display system , audio hookups, conference tables, video walls and more. From monitors, Video walls, electronic signage and sound systems, we handle every phase of your project.

InstallationInstallation is provided by expertly trained and certified technicians. They constantly attend training events in order to remain on top of the latest developments in audio and video display system technology. Services can include all your network cabling and electrical work if required. Our installation teams are located throughout the US making it easy for us to do you work anywhere in the country.

Service We service everything we sell from electronics to mounts and any custom made or standard equipment. It is our intent to forge and maintain mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships.

For additional information or to speak with a professional who can provide details about East Island Aviation Services vast offerings, we invite you to contact us today.

Systems offered:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Video Walls
  • Electronic signage
  • LED displays
  • Flight Information Displays
  • Board rooms
  • Corporate Theaters
  • Large screen retail displays
  • Information sharing.

Here is a slideshow of a typical SOC & ROC Installation: