Switchback Passenger Boarding Ramp for Fiji Airways

East Island Aviation lands in Fiji with a multi-use A-320 Passenger Ramp

In June 2018 East Island was asked by Fiji Airways to design a switchback passenger boarding ramp that could service the Airbus fleet mix of 319/320/321, and the new Boeing 737 MAX jet. The ramp needed to be powered for easy maneuvering from gate to gate.

However, there was still one catch… FJ still needed to service the ATR fleet mix that is used for inter-island flights but didn’t have funding for additional ramps.

Our design/build team said,”not a problem, we’ve got you covered!”

We incorporated a gangplank already in use on our Regional Boarding Ramps for low sill height aircraft at the lower landing of the switchback.

When FJ needs to board or deplane ADA passengers on the ATRs or just want to enhance the customer experience, they simply switch the Crown Drive Unit to the opposite side and dock the ramp from the lower landing. Have a look at the photos and video links in this post.

And unlike KCI and AVIRAMPS, our units offers the most spacious upper deck. The overall dimensions are nearly identical to a conventional Passenger Boarding Bridge cab.

Agents can safely and easily open and close the aircraft door and there is plenty of room for an agent to greet passengers or assist in a wheelchair transfer.

For more information on this style ramp or any other custom East Island Aviation ramp application, contact Jim Larson at jlarson@eiaviation.com.