Passenger Boarding Bridge Fall Protection

Safety First!

Passenger Boarding Bridge Fall Protection is critical when technicians are required to complete tasks that could potentially result in injury. Our Fall Protection System was designed with the user in mind. Clip on and Go! Unlike other systems it requires only minimal training and requires no set-up or pre-assembly. The simplicity of the system encourages users to comply. Not only do your technicians feel safe, they are safe. Attachment to the lifeline by one single lanyard offers the most unrestricted mobility of any system available. Maintenance consists of little more than visual inspections.

This Fall Arrest/Protection product design developed by East Island Aviation & Airport Bridge Co. for application to Airport Jet Bridges meets the compliance criteria set forth by the fore mentioned standards.

The design factor is base on calculations using the appropriate grade fasteners, hardware and proper installation to ensure an anchor point that meets the criteria of the standards within the safety envelope as intended to be used.

This product can also act as a fall restraint system by customizing lanyard lengths for each individual application.

Overall this is a good practical system that not only meets the OSHA requirements but also is practical and easy to use. The system requires little maintenance and training..