Aircraft Parking Design & Line Painting


Our in-house CADD systems give our planning team the tools for complete ramp design capabilities. Over the years, we have compiled a complete data bank from which to draw upon for aircraft, bridges, GSE, fueling, ground power, etc. State-of-the-art total station instruments are used to collect survey data and produce “as-built” surveys that are used to accurately update the clients’ database. The data is then melded into a cohesive system that allows the survey team to continue surveying while the design team adjusts the aircraft mix for optimum usage.

Layout Services

East Island Aviation’s field technicians utilize data collection survey equipment to obtain precise locations for the layout points.


East Island Aviation’s equipment inventory includes an ultra-high pressure water jet system, which is augmented with a spin jet, allowing our technicians to remove a 12” line in one pass. Both the quality and quantity of our work benefits from this machine. At 36,000 psi, it quickly and effectively removes existing lines, with no visible damage to the concrete. This allows for faster and more efficient completion of jobs. All of this is accomplished in an ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE manner.


East Island Aviation has a national account with Sherwin Williams for all their ramp striping supplies. The company uses Graco line-striping machinery on all projects.

View our Airside Painting & Line-Striping Qualification PDF HERE.