Ground Boarding Equipment

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DASH-8 Passenger Boarding Gantry

Take a look at the DASH-8 Passenger Gantry in action:

The East Island Aviation DASH-8 Gantry® is a convenient piece of non-motorized ground equipment that allows passengers to board or deplane from a DASH-8 aircraft on to a loading bridge. The Gantry provides a safe & secure pathway for passengers to enter or exit a loading bridge and seamlessly connect them to the comfort of a conventional Terminal Hold Room. Certain models can even accommodate other aircraft such as CR-J’s, EMB’s, ATR’s and SAAB 340’s. The Gantry can also be adjusted for mating to several different model loading bridges.

  • The passengers are protected from inclement weather conditions during the boarding or deplaning process and never have to traverse stairs to enter or exit the aircraft cabin.
  • A key benefit is the ability to board a disabled wheelchair passenger without interruption or subjecting them to a secondary lifting device. This can dramatically reduce the time required to complete the process thereby assuring an on-time departure.
  • And because passengers are connected to a boarding bridge instead of traversing the active A.O.A., less ground staff is required as they do not have to be escorted or monitored for safety & security compliance.
  • Since there are no motorized systems, there is very little training involved. With a few practice runs, agents can easily position the Gantry in a matter of seconds.
  • Safer, quicker way to board and deplane.
  • No more accidents on aircraft stairs.
  • Faster turn times at the gate.
  • No more bussing when a boarding bridge is available.

Regional Boarding Ramp

East Island Aviation is the sole manufacturer and domestic sales arm for Regional Boarding Ramps in the United States. Regional Boarding Ramps or RBR’s, are the industry’s only low cost fully mechanized, totally enclosed boarding ramps for all regional aircraft. RBR’s offer enclosed ramp boarding similar to a Mainline Jet  Bridges at a fraction of the cost. The installation is accomplished in less then 8 hours and requires no foundation. The unit plugs into a standard 220vac electrical box and operates on less then 3amps.

RBR’s are offered in three configurations to accommodate taxi in and push-back operations or full taxi in and out of aircraft.

There are no “blind spots” for the operator because the entire cab area is enclosed in clear Lexan offering 360 degree views of the aircraft apron. Three different gangplanks assure a smooth interface even to the most difficult aircraft cabins such as the Dash-8 and 328 Regional Jet. East Island offers:

  • Regional Boarding Ramps
  • Remanufactured Units
  • Installation Services
  • Relocation & Transportation
  • Maintenance & Emergency service

Mobile Boarding Ramp

East Island Aviation has taken ground boarding to a new level for Hard Stand, Bussing and Gate side operations for regional aircraft.

Introducing the Mobile Boarding Ramp! The Mobile Boarding Ramp is the first of its kind. Unlike conventional non-motorized passenger boarding ramps, the EIAS Ramp is drivable. Yes drivable! Our Mobile Boarding Ramp incorporates an electro-hydraulic drive unit that allows the operator to drive the unit to and from the aircraft, and, to and from multiple gate locations in a fraction of the time required to move a manually deployed ramp. In addition, ground agents will never have to risk injury as a result of pushing a heavy piece of ground equipment.

Another first is our 120° offset configuration. The EIAS Mobile Boarding Ramp has been designed to reduce the perpendicular footprint and direct passengers in a more direct line to the terminal building without interference with tugs or push-back tractors. In a hard stand bussing operation the bus can be parked safely away from the aircraft wing.

Our Ramp features:

  • Aluminum & stainless steel construction
  • Hydraulically actuated vertical ramp raises & lowers with a push of a button
  • Ranges from the Q-400 all the way to the CRJ-900
  • High capacity batteries allow for extended driving from multiple gate locations
  • Pneumatic suspension
  • progressive speed control for pinpoint accuracy when docking.

Our Ramp can be outfitted with:

  • Solar panel recharging
  • Pull down shades
  • Hydraulic push button deployment of stabilizers
  • Multi-fit gangplank

We guaranty the EIAS Mobile Board Ramp will:

  • Reduce turn time
  • Reduce staffing requirements
  • Reduce boarding and de-planing times
  • Eliminate the need for a disabled lift device
  • Improve the level of Customer Service
  • Lower the risk of injury and Workman Compensation claims

Non Motorized Ramps and Stairs

East Island Aviation offers a full line of non-motorized Ground Boarding Ramps and Stairs. Our engineers can design any type of portable ramp or stair unit to interface with any regional aircraft or terminal entry point such as a static Jet Bridge or second level terminal door. Our ramps and stairs feature optional roof and side enclosures.

Modular Walkways & Walkways Systems

East Island Aviation has developed yet another modular containment system to protect and direct passengers for ground boarding operations. Featured here is the new modular partition Wall Panel System for outdoor use. These removable panels are designed to create a walkway containment area along sidewalks adjacent to lower level terminal facilities. The panes create a sterile corridor without the costly expense of conventional walkway systems.

Here we see the panels installed at the new American Eagle Terminal Facility. The panels provide safe and defined passage to and from the Regional Boarding Ramps installed by East Island Aviation.

Here are drawings of an FX layout we did for American Eagle in Toronto, showing how we can design modular walkway systems for any ground operation. Our sections will accommodate any obstacle or requirement. For example, fire hydrants, emergency access doors, valet baggage transfer, GSE drive-through and much much more.

We design and build walkways with solid metal roofs & floors for airport which experience severe winter weather conditions. Our sections can be fabricated to any width to accommodate side-by-side traffic when servicing several flights at one time.

Please consider East Island Aviation for all your ground boarding equipment, Commute A Walk, DASH-8 Gantry, Mobile Boarding Ramp, Regional Boarding Ramp and Jet Bridge Interface Products needs.

Jet Bridge Interface Products

Our Jet Bridge Adapters are the only ramps incorporating a “positive capture” set of adjustable side rails which completely protect passengers from the exposed floor of the Jet Bridge. All aluminum construction reduces weight for easy positioning. Our exclusive swing out side rails adjust in & out and side to side to mate with any style cab design.No flimsy fabric to attach and no permanent connections to the bridge. Our ramps are the safest in the industry.

Custom canopy seals and enclosures Featured here is a unique canopy accessory for any Jet Bridge utilizing an adapter. When using an adapter the canopy does not reach the aircraft thereby allowing rain to enter the cabin. This “eyebrow design” seal attaches to the existing canopy and seals the gap overhead to prevent water from entering the cabin. It will not interfere with mainline aircraft.