Thousand-Foot Modular Walkway For Perth Airport Authority

modular walkway, east island aviation, perth airport authorityEast Island Aviation Services just completed the installation of a common use, modular walkway for passengers at Terminal 2 for the Perth Airport Authority, PAPL. The contract, valued at over $1,000,000, was to design, fabricate and install a passenger walkway for multi-use gates at the domestic operation.

This custom modular walkway is the first to ever be constructed at 8’ wide. The extra width allows passengers to move freely to and from all 7 gates while being protected from the extreme heat and sun. Perforated Lexan and aluminum panels allow air to enter the walkway thereby lowering the ambient temperature for passengers.

The East Island Aviation modular walkway was chosen over a conventional buildout primarily for its reduced cost and short lead time from order to completion. Constructing a brick & mortar concourse was estimated at nearly 10 times the cost and would have taken over a year to complete. The East Island Aviation Services modular walkway was fabricated in less than 3 months and assembled & installed in 6 weeks!

East Island’s exclusive AU sales & service agent, Wattle Facilities Group was instrumental in meeting the schedule goal for the project. For more information on modular walkways or other ground boarding equipment,  within Australasia contact Wattle Facilities Group or for U.S. and worldwide sales.