Japan Gets Another Commute-A-Walk®

On March 10th 2018, East Island Aviation installed its 20th Commute-A-Walk® mobile covered passenger walkway in Kita-Kyushu, Japan.

Our patented Commute-A-Walk® is referred to in Japan as the “Apron Roof®.

The walkway is the first phase of ground boarding coverage on a Hard Stand position at the Kita-Kyushu airport not being serviced by a boarding bridge.

Later this year we will be installing the fixed “FX” modular connector that will join the retractable walkway to the terminal access doorway. Please see the drawing exhibit in the article.

All of our walkways are installed and maintained by our exclusive Japanese agent, Aviation Research Institute, “ARI”.  ARI has been representing Commute-A-Walk® for over 18 years.

For more information about our exclusive Commute-A-Walk® or other ground boarding products, please contact us.