Commute-A-Walk ™

East Island Aviation is the exclusive manufacturer of the Commute-A-Walk ™ (also known as Commute A Walk) line of products.

Authorized sales and service distributors:

  • US Domestic – East Island Aviation Corporate
  • Canada – Robly Mechanical
  • Japan & Pacific Rim – Aviation Research Institute
  • Australia – Airport Maintenance Service

Since 1996, Commute-A-Walk ™ retractable and stationary passenger walkways have been providing airline passengers a safe and controlled environment when boarding or deplaning aircraft on the open tarmac. In the U.S. and around the globe, Commute-A-Walks ™ have proven to be the most cost-effective solution for passenger containment in ground boarding operations. Unlike a permanent structure, Commute-A-Walks ™ are completely modular and portable. Articulating or fixed “FX” style sections are easily installed. Articulating sections are fully retractable to allow  generous clearance for aircraft taxiing out from a parking position or to enable portable ramps or stairs to be positioned. For longer distances, our “FX” modules provide an even greater level of comfort and safety in a more semi-permanent environment.

  • Retractable walkways in a typical aircraft parking layout are deployed and stowed via an electro-mechanical battery powered Crown TR-4500 three wheel drive unit. After years of testing and evaluation, we chose the Crown TR-4500 because of its proven track record of reliability and global support service network. For walkways of less than fifty feet, sections can be extended or retracted manually by one person. Commute-A-Walks ™ are engineered to withstand winds up to 50 mph while in operation and over 75 mph when properly stowed. For more severe conditions the walkway can easily be relocated to a secure hangar or building location.
  • Modular “FX” fixed sections (typically 12’ in length) were designed to offer a more “terminal-like” experience  while still providing the ability to reconfigure or relocate as required. These modules are offered with, or without elevated floors and various widths to allow comfortable two-way passenger traffic. The extensive use of aluminum, stainless steel and Lexan® assures minimal maintenance in coastal environments.  Although the walkways are “fixed” in design, the sections are still mobile and can be instantly unpinned and reconfigured should the operation change. The sections are on wheels and can be moved without any motorized equipment. And with our exclusive anchoring system, the walkways are engineered to withstand Category II hurricane conditions and have a live roof snow load of over 40psf.

Commute-A-WalkTake a look at the Commute-A-Walk ™ photo gallery above to see Commute-A-Walk ™ retractable walkways in action. Scroll through to get a firsthand look at walkways servicing regional & turbo-prop aircraft as well as  mainline narrow and wide body aircraft. While you will see a few photos of layouts utilizing both articulating and “FX” sections, go to the Modular Walkways & Walkway Systems photo gallery to see several different fixed walkways in various configurations. Featured photos  from  Japan, Canada, Australia, Bermuda and of course throughout the United States illustrate the flexibility and adaptability to any ground boarding operation. And Commute-A-Walks ™ are not just for airports! Articulating sections have been successfully servicing the cruise ship industry for passenger containment at international ports since 2010. Contact Us today for free evaluation and let our staff provide you with a conceptual layout drawing to demonstrate how to overcome your ground boarding challenges.


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