Take a Tour of Our Factory and See Our Services

East Island Aviation has uploaded two new slide presentations to the website. This first presentation takes you one a tour of our manufacturing facility. See our factory in action building passenger ramps, walkways and gantries from initial fabrication to final assembly.

Welcome to our facility.

Pre-assembly area. Cutting machining, etc……

Assembly area # 1

Raw material pre-fabrication area

Laser Machines

Fabrication of Walkway structures

Powder Coating Building

Parts entering Powder Coating Oven

Parts waiting for Powder Coating

Walkway side panels waiting to be painted

Special Coating application

Assembly Jig

Passenger Gantry fit-checked to a mock-up DASH-8 aircraft silhouette

Build area # 1. Assembly jig and mock-up Boarding Ramp in the background

Canopy Hood in jig for final assembly

Q-Ramp in initial design stage

Q-Ramp being fitted with height adjustment device

Final mock-up of Q-Ramp

Assembly area # 2 …..Six Regional Boarding Ramps waiting for fitment of electronics & hydraulics

RBR’s being fitted with electronic control circuitry

RBR’s being fitted with Hydraulic Drive Systems

Final Assembly of Regional Boarding Ramps (RBR’s)

Six RBR’s ready to ship to Miami Int’l Airport

Assembly area # 3 – Mobile Boarding Ramp in development for ANA in Japan

Assembly area # 3 – Two Passenger Gantries in final inspection for Qantas Airlines

Passenger Walkway Transition Decks waiting to ship to Los Angeles Int’l Airport

Custom Stainless Steel Commute-A-Walk passenger walkway for Nagasaki seaport in Japan.

Walkway sections waiting for “Q C” inspection before shipping

Custom Walkway for Delta Airlines “fully assembled” for inspection

Shipping wing of the factory

Toronto Passenger Walkway & 3 RBR’s “fully assembled” for inspection . Client: American Airlines

Custom Switch-back Gantry for American Airlines. Gantry will interface the new EMB-175 aircraft to Regional Boarding Ramps

Delta Airlines LaGuardia Airport 3rd level Bus Ramp “fully assembled” outside the factory for inspection by the client

The second presentation will give you a better understanding of our full line of products and field services, in, and around the Terminal. See our highly skilled & experienced field service technicians as they install FIDS monitors, assemble three story terminal ramps, rig loading bridges and PC Air units just to name a few!

2nd Level Bust Ramp to US Customs Arrival  Delta Airlines  JFK

Passenger Bus Shelters under construction – Delta Airlines

US Customs Ramp & Shelters  completed

Inside of passenger corridor

Bus Ramp and Shelter for Departure Gates Terminal 3 JFK

Domestic Arrival Ramps & Shelters      Delta Bus Operation JFK

US Customs arrival, domestic arrival  and domestic departure Ramps & Shelters. Delta Airlines Bus Operation JFK

Port Authority T-4 Bus Shelters

T-4 Bus Shelters

Terminal C/D Passenger Transfer Ramp completed. Delta Airlines LaGuardia Airport

Inside of Passenger Walkway

Gate # 19 , Terminal #2 JFK Bus Ramp

Installation of 500 FIDS monitors    Terminal # 4 JFK

Replacement of old style tube FIDS with flat screen displays

Flat screen FIDS display wall near completion

Custom FIDS Tower and Flat Screen Display(s)

American Airlines Pilot  Ready-Room FIDS  installation

Custom FIDS Tower and monitor install with custom rear enclosures

JFK Control Tower: Consoles, Data & Comm, Electrical, and IT hardware installation

Control Tower completed JFK T-4

Kiosk millwork installation and IT equipment

Custom back-lite Ticket Counters – Newark Liberty Airport

Delta Airlines JFK    Millwork and IT installation    Arrivals Hall

Terminal #4 JFK Int’l Airport  General Construction services

General Construction Products

General Construction Services – 14 complete bathroom renovations (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, carpentry, etc.)

Custom Ramps & Passenger walkway  T-2 JFK, Delta Airlines

17 Gate Passenger Walkway     Delta Airlines

Commute-A-Walk retractable passenger walkway – Matsuyama, Japan

Inside the Commute-A-Walk Passenger Walkway

Commute-A-Walk in use at Nagoya Airport in Osaka

Commute-A-Walk  in Shizuoka Japan.

Commute-A-Walk Hard-Stand operation in Bermuda

Commute-A-Walk in Melbourne, Australia

Commute-A-Walk in double configuration

Commute-A-Walk for Rear Deplaning.    United Airlines (LAX) , SAS (Stockholm, Sweden)

Regional Boarding Ramps: Boston Logan Airport

Regional Boarding Ramps in Northwest Arkansas Airport and Asheville Regional Airport

Regional Boarding Ramps with Pre-Condition Air & Ground Power

Regional Boarding Ramp docked to a DASH-8 / 400

Regional Boarding Ramps in winter operations Toronto Airport, Canada

Modular Wall panels to create a designated passenger corridor to Regional Boarding Ramps

DASH-8 Gantry in Fukushima , Japan for ANA

Passenger Gantry in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

1st generation Passenger Gantry in Atlanta

EMB-145 Jet Bridge Adapter

Mobile (drivable) Passenger Boarding Ramp    Kagoshima, Japan

Mobile Passenger Boarding Ramp during a fit-check on a JAL DASH-8

QantasLink Q-Ramp in Sydney.  Purpose built to be maneuvered by only one ground agent.

Ground Support Services    PC Air Installation

General Airside services.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Services.

Aircraft Line Striping Services

Line Striping 74 Gates for United Airlines in Newark Liberty Airport

Feel free to Contact Us for a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of how East Island Aviation can help you improve you terminal environment and efficiency.