Patent Award: East Island Aviation Passenger Gantry for connecting DASH-8 and similar aircraft to a passenger boarding bridge

East Island Aviation Passenger Gantry Patent Award - passenger boarding bridgeEast Island Aviation awarded patent for its DASH-8 passenger boarding bridge gantry.

The East Island Aviation gantry was designed to safely connect any DASH-8 turbo-prop series aircraft to any passenger boarding bridge. It can also be used with many other turbo-prop and regional jets. Unlike other products, the gantry sits firmly on the tarmac and eliminates virtually any chance of a passenger falling to the ground while traversing to or from the aircraft. It also keeps the loading bridge from contacting the aircraft thereby eliminating any chance of aircraft damage.

East Island Aviation gantries are currently being used by several international carriers, such as Qantas, where safety is viewed as a top priority in their mission statement.

Since the first gantry operation back in 2012, there have been over 2,000 boarding cycles without incident. For more information on our DASH-8 passenger boarding gantry and other ground boarding products, feel free to Contact Us.