Regional Boarding Ramp: One Year in Service at Delta County Airport

Escsanaba Regional Boarding RampLast January East Island installed an extended length Regional Boarding Ramp in Escanaba, MI. at the Delta County Regional Airport.

The regional boarding ramp is currently be used exclusive by Delta Airlines which has daily non-stop service to Detroit.

The airline does not use a push-back tractor for its ground operations so we modified the length to allow additional wingtip clearance when the regional jet taxis out for departure.

The unit has also been upgraded to handle Michigan’s Upper Peninsula  single digit temperatures common throughout the long winter season.

Delta Airlines ESC Station Manager says….”The largest benefit is not having to use a mobile lift anymore. This has made a significant impact for passengers that were not able to ascend/descend stairs. The lift device was time consuming, and would usually result in a delay on our turned flights. And it was degrading for some that had to use it (not to mention exposed in the rain/wind/snow).

The 2nd thing I’d like to mention is that we are able to expedite the deplaning process, as they can now wait for their valet bags on the boarding ramp. Passengers are not exposed to the weather elements like they were before either. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from passengers appreciating that we finally have a regional boarding ramp in ESC. “……Jennifer Nelson, ESC/GM.

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