Four year anniversary. Commute-A-Walk ® at Nagasaki Passenger Cruise Ship Seaport reaches milestone date.

This November East Island Aviation’s Commute-A-Walk ® retractable passenger walkway system reached a significant achievement in Japan. Our Commute-A-Walk ® installed in 2011 has just pasted four consecutive years of service without any downtime. The seaport operators have documented nearly 700 arrivals and departures of various size cruise ships from  more than 6 different nations. The Nagasaki seaport has become a preferred point of landing for tourists coming to Japan throughout the Pacific rim region.

Prior to the Commute-A-Walk ® installation, passengers were subject to inclement weather conditions while waiting to clear Immigration. In addition, the seaport operators were challenged with trying to contain passengers on the pier until they cleared Customs. East Island’s retractable passenger walkway, Commute-A-Walk ® has dramatically reduced the staffing necessary to contain passengers and improved the overall arrival experience in Nagasaki. We applauded the seaport operators for taking such a bold step in passenger handling.

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