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New Product: EMB-175 Switchback Gantry

EMB-175 Switchback GantryEast Island Aviation Services is proud to present our new product: the EMB-175 Switchback Gantry.

In October of this year, American Eagle brought the EMB-175 to Miami Int’l Airport. The Regional Terminal is equipped with 15 of East Island Aviation’s Regional Boarding Ramps that were designed to service the EMB-145 and CR-J 700 & 900 fleet. With the arrival of the 175, American contracted once again with East Island Aviation to retrofit the RBR’s with a switchback Gantry that could interface the existing RBR’s with the new EMB-175. The Gantry attaches directly to the chassis and enables the RBR’s to service the larger EMB-175 while still having the capability to service the lower sill height aircraft when required.

Here are several YouTube videos showing the EMB-175 Switchback Gantry in action:

For more information about East Island Aviation Services’ EMB-175 Switchback Gantry, please Contact Us.

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