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Regional Boarding Ramps Coming To Phoenix Sky Harbor

Contract Award: On June 1st, American Airlines awarded East Island Aviation a contract to manufacture and install two fully enclosed passenger walkways and four Regional Boarding Ramps ® for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The equipment will service two aircraft each from the lower level boarding gates located at B1 and B15. Passengers will no longer have to traverse the tarmac unprotected and will now enjoy fully enclosed ramp-boarding to all positions.

The Phoenix installation will be the first domestic site to receive the “super-wide” walkway which is already in use in several global locations. The passenger walkways are scheduled to go into service early fall 2017. The contract value is in excess of one million dollars.

East Island Aviation designs and manufactures custom passenger and pedestrian enclosures for portable or permanent applications. For more information abour our regional boarding ramps, passenger walkway systems, or other ground boarding equipment, Contact Us or call (631) 385-1239.

New Product: EMB-175 Switchback Gantry

EMB-175 Switchback GantryEast Island Aviation Services is proud to present our new product: the EMB-175 Switchback Gantry.

In October of this year, American Eagle brought the EMB-175 to Miami Int’l Airport. The Regional Terminal is equipped with 15 of East Island Aviation’s Regional Boarding Ramps that were designed to service the EMB-145 and CR-J 700 & 900 fleet. With the arrival of the 175, American contracted once again with East Island Aviation to retrofit the RBR’s with a switchback Gantry that could interface the existing RBR’s with the new EMB-175. The Gantry attaches directly to the chassis and enables the RBR’s to service the larger EMB-175 while still having the capability to service the lower sill height aircraft when required.

Here are several YouTube videos showing the EMB-175 Switchback Gantry in action:

For more information about East Island Aviation Services’ EMB-175 Switchback Gantry, please Contact Us.

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