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New Passenger Walkway in New England!

Earlier this year the Portland Jetport installed a new passenger walkway connecting the jet bridge at Gate #11 to three remote hard stands.

As traffic increased by double digits, the airport had to come up with a quick solution to gate the aircraft and protect passengers from the overflow apron.

Airport Director, Paul Bradbury turned to East Island Aviation for a quick  and economical solution. Having worked with East Island Aviation in the past he knew we were the right choice.

Our in-house aircraft planners came up with a fully enclosed passenger walkway that connected the Jet Bridge to all three hard stand parking spots. The walkway incorporates a full floor and is engineered to meet the heavy snow loads typical in the New England States.

Currently passengers exit the main corridor across a short walk to the three KCI Ramps but the airport is intending to install three Commute-A-Walk® systems to completely protect the passengers to the KCI Ramps later this year.

For more information on fixed and retractable passenger walkways, please contact us.