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New Passenger Walkway for Spirit Airlines in Chicago

Spirit Airlines passengers flying out of Gate L-11 in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport won’t have to be subject to the harsh winter weather anymore.

In a cooperative effort with the Chicago Depart of Aviation, Spirit purchased and contacted East Island Aviation to install a custom enclosed passenger walkway for their ground boarding operations. Similar to Denver’s ground boarding operation, ORD’s layout utilizes both “fixed mobile modules” with floors and expandable Commute-A-Walk® sections that mate up with a KCI Ramp.  In addition to Spirit, a local regional carrier flying turbo-props, Chicago Air Express is allowed to use the walkway for their passengers too!

Unlike the AVI Ramp, the Commute-A-Walk® line  and the KCI Ramp are both “Made in America”.

For more information on East Island Aviation’s Ground Boarding Equipment, please contact us.