New Narita Commute-A-Walk

narita-commute-a-walk-1On April 7th The Narita Airport Authority (NAA) cut the ribbon on its latest terminal development project. Terminal 3 is now open for business and exclusively servicing Low Cost Carriers (LCC’s) for both domestic and international flights. Twelve new domestic and 7 new international destinations are now linked to Narita with service from Jetstar, Vanilla, Spring and Jeju just to name a few. The original concept was to have passengers traversing the live tarmac unprotected. However, in October 2014, that changed dramatically for the better. East Island Aviation’s exclusive sales and service provider in Japan (ARI) secured the contract to install 11 Commute-A-Walks™ at nine gates. Our retractable articulating patented walkways were manufactured and installed in record time to be fully operational for the grand opening. The financial impact in charges to the carriers is minimal but the benefits are unmatched. Passengers are now covered from the elements and secure from all hazardous apron activity. CAW walkways have been in service throughout Japan for over a decade but never to this magnitude in one facility. For more information please contact us directly.

For more information in Japan, please contact our Japanese agent, ARI.

Commute-A-Walk is a patented product and registered Trademark of East Island Aviation Services, Inc.