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Phase II completed: Gaylord National Hotel gets more Commute-A-Walk®

In 2017 Ryman Properties, the operator of the Marriott Gaylord National Hotel constructed a beautiful Riverfront Ballroom on the Potomac River.

However, due to fire lane restrictions they were unable to connect the hotel with the ballroom with a fixed structure. As a result the guests going to and from the ballroom were exposed to inclement weather conditions. In addition, the back of house staff had to deal with the same conditions for catering.

The Marriott Gaylord National Hotel chose Commute-A-Walk® as the portable pedestrian system to solve their problem. Working with their architects, we developed a five section walkway system that inter-connects the hotel and the kitchen to the ballroom with a section to accommodate ADA and physically impaired guests. When the walkway is not needed it is transported to a storage area via custom trailers provided by East Island Aviation.

In 2018 East Island Aviation installed the second phase of portable walkways sections and fixed canopies to create this unique solution. And even though the canopies that connect the walkways are static most of the time, we have designed them to also be removable id required.

For more information on pedestrian enclosures, retractable walkways and other crowd-control devices contact Jim Larson at jlarson@eiaviation.com.

United DASH-8 Passengers Are Dry & Safe At EWR!

commute-a-walk, ground boarding equipment, east island aviation, ewr, newark airport, united airlinesUnited Airlines awarded a contract to East Island Aviation to design and install five Commute-A-Walk ® passenger walkways at the remote Hard Stand Regional Operation in Newark Liberty International Airport.

As a result of United’s recent growth in regional service out of EWR and with gate space at a premium, they were forced to quickly develop a DASH-8 Hard Stand Operation to accommodate the new flights.

Passengers are quickly bused from Gate #130 to each individual aircraft stand. Prior to the walkways, the only protection from the bus to the aircraft were a few Jersey barriers and construction cones.

East Island Aviation Services provided five walkways utilizing both mobile “FX” fixed modules and its patented flexible Commute-A-Walk ® sections. Buses pull right up to the back of the fixed sections at one end and Ramp Agents easily deploy the flexible sections to the KCI Ramp or directly to the aircraft stairs.

Passengers are protected from blowing wind, noise, and rain. Passengers have been quoted saying that they “really appreciate the little tunnels and Slinkys, especially when passengers are queued up on the stairs”.

Commute-A-Walk ® is an exclusive patented passenger walkway system and is offered in multiple configurations for ground level boarding operations. For more information about East Island Aviation’s Commute-A-Walk ® passenger walkway system, please Contact Us.

Four year anniversary. Commute-A-Walk ® at Nagasaki Passenger Cruise Ship Seaport reaches milestone date.

This November East Island Aviation’s Commute-A-Walk ® retractable passenger walkway system reached a significant achievement in Japan. Our Commute-A-Walk ® installed in 2011 has just pasted four consecutive years of service without any downtime. The seaport operators have documented nearly 700 arrivals and departures of various size cruise ships from  more than 6 different nations. The Nagasaki seaport has become a preferred point of landing for tourists coming to Japan throughout the Pacific rim region.

Prior to the Commute-A-Walk ® installation, passengers were subject to inclement weather conditions while waiting to clear Immigration. In addition, the seaport operators were challenged with trying to contain passengers on the pier until they cleared Customs. East Island’s retractable passenger walkway, Commute-A-Walk ® has dramatically reduced the staffing necessary to contain passengers and improved the overall arrival experience in Nagasaki. We applauded the seaport operators for taking such a bold step in passenger handling.

To learn more about East Island Aviation’s Commute-A-Walk ® system, or any other ground boarding equipment, please feel free to Contact Us.

For more information in Japan, please contact our Japanese agent, ARI.

New Narita Commute-A-Walk

narita-commute-a-walk-1On April 7th The Narita Airport Authority (NAA) cut the ribbon on its latest terminal development project. Terminal 3 is now open for business and exclusively servicing Low Cost Carriers (LCC’s) for both domestic and international flights. Twelve new domestic and 7 new international destinations are now linked to Narita with service from Jetstar, Vanilla, Spring and Jeju just to name a few. The original concept was to have passengers traversing the live tarmac unprotected. However, in October 2014, that changed dramatically for the better. East Island Aviation’s exclusive sales and service provider in Japan (ARI) secured the contract to install 11 Commute-A-Walks™ at nine gates. Our retractable articulating patented walkways were manufactured and installed in record time to be fully operational for the grand opening. The financial impact in charges to the carriers is minimal but the benefits are unmatched. Passengers are now covered from the elements and secure from all hazardous apron activity. CAW walkways have been in service throughout Japan for over a decade but never to this magnitude in one facility. For more information please contact us directly.

For more information in Japan, please contact our Japanese agent, ARI.

Commute-A-Walk is a patented product and registered Trademark of East Island Aviation Services, Inc.